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In the late 1990s Vietnam-US relations began to normalize after the US lifted trade embargo over Vietnam. Cooperation and collaboration in many different areas of socio-economic activities have been re-established. A number of Vietnamese people were employed to work in the organizations to make that happen and some have remained in these organizations ever since. They have become experts in the fields of cultural and education exchange, foreign trade, financial investment, etc.


Now that good roads have been built, it’s time to build bigger and faster transportation vehicles. To celebrate 20th anniversary of Vietnam-American bilateral cooperation, as a part of the new vision, Link2America – VALINK was established by some of those staffers who have been working for 20 years to build these relations. They are an embodiment of the cooperation that the two governments have been fostering.

The founders of VALINK are a living treasure trove of knowledge and experience on all matters relating to cultural, educational and economic cooperation between the two countries. In the 20 years before VALINK was born they have been establishing close working relationships with leading individuals, entities and organizations, both governmental and NGOs, both in Vietnam and the US. They have been exploiting and expanding those relationships for the benefit of both countries.

So, from its very first days VALINK has been a top choice of many international organizations in the sphere of education, investment and commerce for its effectiveness and professionalism.


Being parents themselves, the founders of VALINK also have extensive experience of sending their kids to study abroad, from application procedures and immigration related formalities, to which school to attend and how to get financial support, to the linguistic, cultural and climate etc. The small but necessary hurdles that a foreign student has to overcome.

So VALINK the link that leads Vietnamese parents and students (and anybody interested) to the educational resources that America has to offer. On the emotional level, VALINK can also be an important liaison between the parents and the students as sometimes they may not be on the same page in regards to their living and studying abroad situation.

On the US side, the educational institutions and establishments know us as a trustworthy and value generating partner. On the Vietnamese side, we have collaborators who are US educated lecturers, writers and journalists who can guide our prospective students through the various processes, including but not limited to; filling the application forms, writing essays, interview preparations, CV help etc. We do this to achieve the best results for the student and to bring pride to their family.

Furthermore, our dynamic and innovative staff have numerous complementary programs to offer as extra curriculum activities, such as preparation of skills and completion of registration procedure to participate in summer camps abroad or in domestic talent contests. All these serve the purpose of a best possible personal profile that shows all the individual’s strengths.


Right now, VALINK is a recruiting partner of many high reputation universities and colleges in almost all the states of the US, Canada and UK. This gives students more choices of schools so they can select one that is most suitable for their own preferences and their family’s financial capability. We are also partnering in the organization of summer and winter camps in California and Maine to give students a chance to be exposed to and experience and American culture and way of life.

VALINK is currently accessing the American market through its parent company, UV LINKs LLC, which is based in California, Massachusetts and Washington D.C.



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