What we do & Why choosing VALINK

So basically, a major part of our business is to help those who dream about being educated abroad achieve their goal. Having highly dedicated and richly experienced staff that have nurtured and grown their skilled within their previous work at embassies, and access to international organizations for cultural and education development. VALINK helps parents and students by giving them full and extensive information about education opportunities and scholarship packages and how to get them.



VALINK is also works many foreign entities that want to benefit from its expertise in the fields of investment and commerce, as well as its high professionalism and efficiency. We could go on but the scope of this booklet concentrates on the education aspects of our business so let's stay on topic....

VALINK gives families information and counsel and works out together with them to come up with the optimal solution which works best for them. As most Vietnamese families can’t shoulder all the expenses for their child to be educated abroad, the topic of scholarship almost always surfaces in the conversation and We just so happen to be well versed in that matter. We can help and we never fail. 

The families that come to VALINK with this issue will be working with our specialists who have been working for (of at least a decade experience at the US embassy in the immigration and bilateral cooperation departments), who are well known and have access to both the education providers and the scholarship providers. We are sure to get your child some 50% – 90% (and in some cases, even full 100%!) of the scholarship and have him or her admitted to one of the highest tier school in the US. Being admitted to one of those schools that gives a partial or full scholarship is not only the fulfillment of a dream but also a thing to be truly proud of.


The specialists at VALINK will also help the families with the (sometimes troublesome) visa application procedure, especially regarding the validation of the family’s financial resources information, which in many cases can be the main reason of denial.

VALINK will also, if necessary, assign some specialists who are US educated scholars, writers or journalists to work with your child to improve his/her English and academic results and records to help make them eligible for scholarship. Apart from that the students will be trained extensively in writing on various topics, a skill very much required in the process of application for admission and scholarship. With the guidance of VALINK specialists’, students can be sure to make it into the US schools and universities successfully.

As they go to study with a scholarship, most VALINK students live on their school campus. It’s a safe and convenient environment and they get to live and work with students from all over the world. However, if any problems occur, VALINK’s parent company which is based in Boston and California, will be able to react and help immediately.

VALINK has helped hundreds of Vietnamese students to get a scholarship and go study in the US. Many of them have got highly paid jobs with world renowned companies immediately after their graduation. One could say that sending a child to study abroad is a good, long term investment that can be highly profitable. It’s certainly a venture all families should try because they are not doing it alone. VALINK is always following up and following through with them!


VALINK has solutions for all the questions that young people and their parents have about planning for studying abroad and future orientation, we work with parents throughout the whole journey, from school selection, application for admission and scholarship and VISA application, to family communication and support during the study, and even beyond, on the job hunt and immigration procedure etc. This is possible because:

 VALINK is partnered with over 500 universities and 120 high school in all over the US

  • VALINK has over 20 years of working experience in the fields of education and bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and the US
  • VALINK has the most experienced specialists and consultants
  • VALINK has helped 100% of its client students get admission and financial support
  • VALINK has offices in the US
  • For its exceptional expertise in bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and the US, VALINK is currently chosen by many international entities to be the supplier of high quality and professional consultancy services on education abroad, investment and commerce
  • VALINK has helped hundreds of Vietnamese students join TOP US high schools and universities with some on scholarship, making their expenses much lower compared to attending international schools in Vietnam
  • 70% VALINK students get 50% tuition fee worth or more financial support. Some get 200,000-256,000 US$ per 4 university years
  • 100% VALINK high school graduates have been accepted by at least 4 universities in 2016-2017 school year
  • VALINK can help with any number of schools of choice
  • VALINK can provide student support services during the time of study (if required)



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